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Gallery 802
Brad Martin

No tribute to the JPWA would be complete without their most popular wrestler: Brad Martin.  This solid farm-boy looked fun to wrestle with, loved to show off his body, and he didn't mind doing a job.

Why are dudes named "Brad" always so darn good looking?? Athletic, handsome, and not afraid to sport those tight, shiny trunks, Brad really had it going on!  YOWZA!

(Photos used by permission)

Brad drops to his hands and knees, striking that amateur wrestler pose where they invite the opponent to climb aboard.  This cutie is just begging somebody to take the mount and start grappling!  Any volunteers??
A lot has been said about Brad's trade-mark speedo, which hugged him tight in all the right places.  One fan said:

"He wears skimpy baby blue trunks with his jock hanging out all over the place and you can make out every contour of his package and ass with the greatest of ease!"

Here is the humble, naive Farm-boy suffering in a Body Scissor by American Justice.  Brad sure knows how to suffer, but I'm sure it's easy to appear in agony when some big dude is crushing you between his thighs!

AJ tries to rip off Brad's leg, and then his chin.  Brad is barely contained in that tight banana hammock.

Poor Brad's tight trunks are riding up on his crotch, but he can't adjust them with his arms pinned behind his back.  He cringes in pain as American Justice bends him around like a pretzel.

Another fan said of Brad Martin:  "His gimmick is a great one.  On one hand, you really feel for the guy, especially with the heartfelt honesty as he shares his thoughts with the fans..."

"... On the other hand, he is the ultimate naive face/jobber victim, who you want to see punished and humiliated and suffer every abuse possible in his matches."

"You want to see Brad get molested in all of his matches, but still cheer him on as he takes the abuse and embarassment and keeps coming back for more!"

The big tattooed jock was just too powerful for our handsome farm boy.   Brad lies helpless on the mat as AJ kneels on his chest and pins him: One, Two, Three!!
Wow, Brad looks sexy in those white wrestling shoes as he rests against the ropes, preparing to grapple in the ring.

Johnny Heart-Breaker, who is now known as Romeo Roselli of WWE fame, makes easy work of our hero.  He punishes the lower back and eventually knocks the stud out cold.

Brad rolls around like the Coyote after falling for one of the Road Runner's cruel tricks and suffering a boulder or possibly an anvil to the stomach.

Wow, are you kidding me??

No matter how many times this cutie gets beaten, he keeps putting on those nut-hugging trunks and getting back in the ring for more.

If you aren't getting hard by now, you must be a female!

Let's take a closer look at that world-famous silk speedo, in various positions as Brad twists around and adjusts his package.

(Photos used by permission)

Here is Brad getting beaten up by a superior wrestler named "Sasha".  He is broken over one knee, then punished in a Hammer Choke.

Cruel Sasha bends the pretty boy back in the Dragon Sleeper and Brad begins to fall asleep.  OOFFF!  A stiff elbow to the gut has Brad in pain!


Brad is stretched out and defeated by some kind of Double Arm-Bar.  A Brad-fan wrote:

"Brad Martin sells his agony like a champ and can beg for mercy with the best of them.  He's another one of your guys who has the total package and is a rare find."

Brad always gave off a "Come and Get It!" vibe, like he was just begging everyone to get physical with him.  Here he is showing off the goods with one foot propped on the bottom rope.
OOFF!!  Brad suffers after taking a kick to the belly from this tan muscle-Greek, Johnny Stavros.

Stavros has the boy in blue screaming his submission after digging his claws into that belly flesh.  As one poetic fan wrote:  "The shine of the pale silver blue trunks which lovingly outline the package and ass of this doomed jobber beg for merciless punishment."


"Do you really want to
Hurt me??

Do you really want to
Make me cry???"

Sometimes Brad wore black trunks with a white panel over the crotch, that just screamed "HEY!  Over HERE!  Take a look at my package!"

Here is Alberto putting the stud on display in a Full Nelson.

Although Brad is bigger, Alberto is far more vicious.  He makes easy work of the hunk, now bending his spine in the wrong direction.

Back for more, Brad prepares for his next match.  First he hits the weights, then he cleans himself up in the bathroom.  He just wants to make sure he looks his best for the opponent and for the fans watching at home.
Again sporting his white marble bag, Brad is punished by Francis Bravo, a tan hard-body in Tarzan briefs.  Francis works on the back, folding Brad over like clean laundry with a Boston Crab.

Brokeback Mountain continues as Bravo applies the deadly Bow & Arrow followed by a Torture Rack.  Brad's vertabrae can't take any more punishment, and he screams his submission.  Meanwhile his package is jiggling around in his sexy trunks.  Bravo!  Bravo!!

Brad is over-whelmed and gasping for air, and so are all the dudes who bought this video.  He's getting completely owned by the brutal bearded stud -- Bryan Hill -- in the tight yelllow briefs.

The hunk squeezes the air out of poor Brad's body with this rib-crushing, spine-snapping, climax-enducing Bear Hug.

(Photos used by permission)

The hairy-legged brute finishes him off with a Camel Clutch. Brad wins numerous awards for "Best Jobber" -- and sends numerous fans over the edge -- with his facial expressions of agony.
If his opponent was late, Brad would often take a snooze right on the mats.  He was probably tired from pumping iron to keep that body in shape.
Brad takes his turn behind the camera.  He films this dramatic scene as some shirtless grappler viciously chokes his victim with a stick.

Brad, the number one baby-face, flirts with Savage, the number one heel.  Both wrestlers look pretty happy that they found each other.

In a hot turn of events, Savage captured Brad and tortured him into submission.  After being brain-washed, Brad became "Bad Brad", a wrestling slave and thug who obeyed Savage's every command.

Brad started his JPWA career as a polite, honest farm-boy, but as "Bad Brad", he wore black speedos, threatened and bullied the other wrestlers, and acted like a cocky hard-ass. It was a VERY nice attitude adjustment!

Here is Bad Brad looking fierce in his black gear, playing around with hand-cuffs.  I wonder if he's going to use those on his next opponent, or if the cuffs are used during his obedience training from Savage.

As Savage's body-guard and hench-man, Brad intimidated and punished many of the other wrestlers.  Apparently he just needed some cocky confidence from his Master.  Eventually the programming wore off and Brad Martin returned to being a friendly naive baby-face.

Brad stretches out his impressive physique after stepping out of the shower.  Looks like he's ready for another beating, and I know we're ready to watch it!
Probably Brad's favorite opponent, who he wrestled numerous times, was this cocky hard-body Ben Hakim.  They show off their shirtless bodies before the match, giving the fans time to drool and pick a winner and loser.

I think this was Brad's debut match, but Hakim had no mercy on the rookie.  He stretches out the stud's great body, and the fans get their first look at those amazing satin trunks.

Oh my god!  Even though his upper body looks incredible and powerful, all eyes are glued on his heavy bulging trunks.

Brad turns the tables and shows off Ben's goods with a tight Dragon Sleeper.  I'm sure Ben feels proud of his ripped body, and even more proud of his packed yellow trunks.

Like so many of his opponents, Hakim claws deep into Brad's bare flesh, forcing him to submit.  Why does everyone seem to enjoy digging into this beefy hunk's muscles with both hands?

Next Brad agrees to wrestle Halim in the ring.  He can't help but smile, feeling cock-sure that he's going to have a great match.

Hakim wastes no time destroying his willing jobber, first with a Rack Choke, then with a choking Tree of Woe.  NICE bodies, dudes!

Hakim grips Brad's thick body between his legs, cranks on the Arm Bar, then works his claw into poor Brad's exposed side, pinching the sensitive nerves along his ribs.  This has our hero again screaming his submission.  He just can't beat this muscle-stud!

The studs wrestle again on the mats.  This time Ben starts by defeating Brad in Arm Wrestling, dominating him mentally and physically.

A Scissor Arm-Bar soon has the handsome farm-boy groaning in pain and squirming around like one of his prize pigs in the mud.
Brad finally has taken enough abuse from Hakim.  He shows off his impressive strength, hoisting the other stud across his shoulder and walking around the mat to jar his spine.

The back punishment continues as Brad cracks the stud (with the bulging gold trunks) across one knee.  Brad can be a rough boy when he wants to be, OUCH!

When Hakin is slow to get up, Brad humiliates him by squirting on his face.  What a bully, it almost looks like Brad is marking his territory!

Ben jumps to his feet, but Brad continues to soak him with the water, shooting it directly into his mouth.  

I've heard of guys enjoying "Water Sports" but this is getting out of control!
Hakim is pissed from the cold shower.  Knowing Brad's weakness for belly claws, he puts the stud down on the mat by digging deep into his lower abs.  He looks like an Alligator wrestler, subduing a beast by massaging its belly.

"Wanna play ruff??  I'll play ruff!"

Hakim wraps a rope around Brad's throat and chokes him into submission.  They've moved from Water Sports to Breath Control.

Hakim puts his beaten victim up for sale, like a big strapping buck at the Slave Auction.  He holds up Brad's phone number, and the phone lines are jammed as callers try to score a date with the muscle stud!

The JPWA gave us many studly hunks who loved to wrestle, and Brad was surely one of the studliest.  

As one fan put it:

"Brad Martin is an amazing find!  He has the standard wrestler's body and though he's no pretty-boy like a Ben Quest or ultrastud like a Biff Backstreet, he has that rugged set of good looks you would expect from a farmboy and amateur wrestler."