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Gallery 801
Corporal Punishment

Another fan favorite from the good old JPWA was "Corporal Punishment."  That's a great name for a wrestler and this stud just oozed sexy charm in his skin-tight shirts.  Only a total hunk can get away with wearing a shirt like that!

(Photos used by permission)

The Corporal takes a few moments to check out a photo of himself on the wall.  What an arrogant cuss, enjoying an image of his own shirtless body.  He's a stud and he knows it.
Dayum!  Oh say can you see..?  Here he is stripped down to his patriotic stars n stripes speedo.  No wonder he's so cocky and proud of his body!  This stud is chiseled and he likes for everyone to know it!

Next he offers a view from the rear, putting his backside on display for his fans.  You can tell he's perfectly comfortable in his skin (and little else) and he doesn't mind being stared at.

Here is the Corporal jobbing for Hardkore Kid, Jay Jaillet, putting the other stud over by acting submissive.  The Corporal was always willing to wrestle as the helpless jobber and sell the power of his opponents.  Nice Rocking Horse Backbreaker!

Here is our hero being humiliated by the cruel Savage.  How degrading, to have another dude sit on your face and twist your nips while you lay helpless beneath him!  The victim not only allows this face-humping nipple twist, but he's also throwing wood.

Later, the Corporal suffers the ultimate submission, dropping off to sleep in the Savage's deadly sleeper hold.  This jobbrt better hit the weights some more and build up his strength!

In a different match, the Corporal uses a Sleeper of his own, flexing his big biceps to slowly put Sasha under.

(Photos used by permission)
Have you been working out??  Sure enough, as time went by, Corporal Punishment increased the size of his biceps (and decreased the size of his wrestling trunks!)

The Corporal is one of those studs who notices one day that people are staring at him with their mouths open, drooling.  He loves the attention so much, he becomes addicted to it.  He continues to pump his muscles and wear more and more revealing clothing (or no clothing) until every head turns as he strolls by, and every eye in the room is focused on him.

Here is the Corporal jobbing for Joey Stavros in the shiny silver trunks.  Joey makes him suffer in a Chin Lock.  When the Corporal saw this photo, he knew he wanted a skimpier pair of trunks that really held his package and ass like a spandex sling.  Stay tuned...

Stavros is just toying with the Corporal, like a cat with a ball of yarn.  Here he bends the stud's body in a Dragon Sleeper.

Stavros goes old-school with an agonizing claw to the helpless man's hard abs.  Meanwhile Corporal Punishment pitches a tent in his trunks!
The brutal clawing continues as he digs into the Corporal's chest muscles, working his fingers and thumbs deep into the sensitive nerves.

But in the end, our hero triumphs over the cocky boy in the silver speedo!  Corporal Punishment strikes the double-bicep victory pose over his fallen victim.

I wonder how Joey feels, laying helpless on his back under the other man's bare foot?  What a degrading loss for this young hunk!

Now why did they bother sewing buttons on this shirt if he's just going to strut around all day with it open??  Not all guys can pull off this look, but damn -- it sure works on the Corporal!  Even he can't help but smile proudly.

I'm too sexy for my shirt,

Too sexy for my shirt.

So sexy, it hurts.

Whoa!   Check this out!  This is the hardest his body has looked, and the smallest his trunks have ever been!  He finally found a speedo that shows off his incredible assets.  He seems to want to stare in that mirror all day, and I don't blame him!

These little white trunks are packed to the limit!  The weight of his junk is really hanging low, stretching out his speedo. The Urban Dictionary defines "banana hammock" as:

"A men's style of undergarment that holds the genitalia in a sling-like hammock apparatus, allowing the meat knot to protrude offensively. Favored by greasy Europeans at the beach, and even greasier weightlifters during competition and posedown sessions."

As usual, he continues to look at himself up and down, striking some great poses in that amazing speedo.

Word is he used to go to the beach in that white bikini, and strut up and down the Jersey shore torturing all the sun-bathers.  He just wanted to see how many people would stare at him, but he's lucky he didn't cause any heart attacks or car accidents!

Maybe he is unaware that he needs to yank down his trunks, or maybe he knows they are riding up and he's deliberately ignoring this situation for the fans' enjoyment. Yes stud, those trunks really do show off your great ass.

Alberto is obviously very happy to wrestle this stud in his little white briefs.  He breaks the cocky white jobber across his knee, unable to resist a big smile as the helpless muscle-man groans in pain.

The Corporal uses his strong legs to dish out some punishment of his own.    You can tell Alberto just loves to wrestle, whether he's winning or losing.

Soon Alberto turns the table, crushing the victim between his own powerful thighs.  He adds a claw for some extra torture and Corporal squirms around like he stuck his finger in a light socket.

Eventually Alberto completely destroys the jobber in white.  He hangs his own sack over the exhausted victim's face and pins his chest down.
Even after his repeated beatings, the stud comes back for more, sporting a revealing tight shirt and a big cocky grin!  Damn, no shirt is too tight or revealing for him!  I think he likes showing off his nipples and chest in whatever he wears.

Merry Christmas!  Dude, showing up to wrestle looking buff in that white ball-bag is Christmas present enough!  It seems the more attention this hottie gets over his sexy body, the more he shows it off!

(Photos used by permission)

For some reason, many opponents liked to lock poor Corporal in the Torture Rack.  Maybe they liked feeling his hard body stretched across their shoulders.

Again the Corporal's hard body is stretched out, on display by another powerful opponent.  Every guy he wrestles loves to put him in this hold, and he loves being in it!  He knows exactly what this is doing to his body, and what it's doing to the fans who are watching!
Maybe they're worried that the fans didn't get a good long look at this impressive body earlier, so they slap on the Torture Rack, bend him in the wrong direction, and really let you feast your eyes.  This heel works the hold well, with one hand gripping the inner thigh to torque the spine and keep that bulging crotch pushing up in the air, and the other hand clamped over the mouth to restrict breathing and prevent a submission.

This is how every wrestler should look:  Strong and confident, with a great pouch and nice hard ass.  I'm torn between staring at that muscular build and staring at that big package pressing against his stretchy white trunks!

It helps to have a heavy package that is barely supported by the bulging speedo.  I want to thank the Corporal for choosing this white banana-hammock as his trade-mark wrestling gear!

Here is a bad boy in black gloves holding the stud in an Ab Stretch. He feels those hard muscles as he twists the screaming jobber into a pretzel.

Now the Corporal's face is caught between a pair of strong legs as the attacker gropes his muscular body.  This heel sure likes the feeling of a hard physique in his grasp!
I think some of the JPWA wrestlers liked a little bondage, or maybe they knew many of their fans did.  Here the Corporal is all tied up, unable to prevent his opponent from putting his ass on display.

What a degrading pinfall!  The Corporal's hands are tied as one leg is lifted in the air.  You just know their packages must be touching!  The heel clamps his gloved hand over the Corporal's mouth to control his breathing and dominate him more completely.

The focus of every Corporal Punishment match seems to be his bulge.  Here he is in a very degrading position with his junk in his own face!  

Not only is he forced to smell his own crotch, but he is punished in this back-breaking, crotch-ripping, neck-cranking submission!  The heel enjoys putting the military stud on display as he lays back and grinds his crotch against the back of the trapped hunk's head.
Damn, are you kidding me??  This is like some under-wear model on the Fruit of the Loom box decided to wrestle but got trapped by a stronger stud and then got turned on.  They'd sell a record number of whitie tighties if they put a photo like this on the box!

Now he's trapped in the dreaded Camel Sleeper.  You can see our smiling jobber's face relax as he begins to doze off, forced to take a nap by the better man.

(Photos used by permission)

ZZZZzzzz.  The helpless stud is all stretched out on display and the fans get one last look at that awesome bod packed into those very interesting trunks.  Corporal, wherever you are, you need to tape some more hot matches for us!