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Gallery 791
Figure 4 Headscissors

A fan of my website sent me a generous donation and asked for images of the Figure 4 Headscissor.  Dude, you keep donations like that coming and I'll give you Figure 4 Headscissors every week!

Check out how calm and cocky this stud appears, like he's relaxing at the beach catching some rays.  Meanwhile his victim has been knocked out cold from that relentless Scissoring.
This skinny dude has found Chris Geary's weakness, wrapping his long legs around the muscle-man's neck and squeezing for all he's worth.

Geary soon dives on top and teaches the lean hunk how to really punish a neck.  "Let me see your THON Tha-Thong Thong Thongggg!"

Marek Brave and Tyler Black, a pair of long-haired hotties, enjoyed great success as a high-flying Tag Team.   Lately, however, they've been having even more fun wrestling against each other.

Tyler Black usually kicks Marek Brave's ass in these battles.  Here he is twisting his long body around and whipping his hair like a horse's tail as he crushes Marek between his legs.

Tyler stretches out his long, lean, lanky frame across the mat for added leverage.  They say breaking up is hard to do -- poor Marek is being punished by his former friend!

If you want to see more of Black and Brav in action, be sure to check out Gallery 785.

Brave lifts his hips, arching up off the mat to try to relieve some of the pressure being applied by the stud in the black speedo.

The big ref stands and watches in jealousy, trying to figure out how these dudes stay so lean and flexible.

You don't see the Double Figure 4 Headscissor used very often!  Both guys are squeezing for all their worth, trying to decide who has the stronger legs and who can handle more punishment.

When the victim is trapped between your legs, his belly (and other body parts) are exposed and for you to slap, punch, or squeeze.

Here is an old-school image of a real man calmly destroying his victim's neck.  This was from back when wrestling matches were more like slow love-making, and less like wild Cirque du Soleil performances.

Back in the olden days, Rocca loved to wrestle barefoot.  He also loved clamping on his Figure 4 Headscissor and riding his opponent around the ring like he's riding a horse.

J.J. Hart is in trouble, as usual, when he finds his neck trapped between the muscle-man's hamstring and calf.  He begins to drift off to sleep.

From BG East, J.J. Hart vs. Nick Archer, Jobberpaloozer 4

Wow, nice body on this hunk.  He flexes his bicep, rubbing his masculine superiority in poor JJ's face.
The muscle-man leans forward to work on his muscles, doing some push-ups to get pumped.  This has J.J. slapping the mat in submission, but he's unable to scream out his submission because his neck is still pinched between the stud's strong legs.

Here is J.J. Hart getting owned by another stronger opponent.  The Alpha Male uses a seated version of the Figure 4, using his own body weight to slowly smother poor J.J.

From BG East, J.J. Hart vs. Matt Justice, Big and Beefy 4

This is really humiliating, to be crushed under this bigger man's weight, with his junk hanging over your face.  Why does this guy want to not just destroy poor J.J., but to also make him his bitch?!

If you like watching J.J. suffer, you can see plenty more of him getting beaten down in Gallery 628.

From BG East, J.J. Hart vs. Matt Justice, Big and Beefy 4

This Figure 4 Headscissor is too easy.  All the dominant man has to do is sit there with his legs crossed.  This comfortable position causes the victim to slowly fall into a deep sleep.
Grrr!  Check out the raw power on this masked man, packed into that white bikini.  It seems required for a dude to flex his biceps when he has his opponent's head trapped under him in the Seated Figure 4.

Great body on this hairy hunk.  The victim lets his fingers do the walking all over the muscle-man's hairy, chiseled stomach.

From BG East, Bad Dog vs. Blue Rage, Masked Mayhem 1

Damn, this big guy can hardly fit into that white banana hammock.  Meanwhile the dude in the blue mask is growing weak down between those crossed treem trunks.

The dominant stud rises onto his knees and flexes for the mirror.  He's so focused in watching his hard body, he is barely paying attention to the suffering of his trapped opponent.

The big man is forced to tap out, begging this little hard-body for some mercy.  Memo to self:  Do NOT get your neck pinched between a pair of thick thighs like that (unless it's for fun!)

From BG East, Bad Dog vs. Blue Rage, Masked Mayhem 1
Let's double our pleasure with a look at Brad Rochelle and his partner Jonny Firestorm applying a matched pair of Figure 4 Headscissors on their opponents.

Rochelle and Firestorm watch each other, racing to see which one can send their jobber to Dreamland first.

From BG East, Brad Rochelle and Jonny Firestorm vs. Steven Thomas and Patrick Donovan, Contract 9

Wow, the two studs arch backwards for extra crushing pressure on their Scissors.  Great bodies on both of these hotties!

That's it.  The jobbers are out cold, completely helpless and limp from the relentless pressure of the strong legs around their necks.

Standing with their feet on their broken jobbers' bodies, the dominant winners strike a cocky victory pose.  

After busting the pretty boys' guts and bending them into pretzels, the team of egos finally puts Patrick and Steven out of their miseries with matching and very lethal figure-four headscissors."
Check out Captain America with his lean hairy physique and flashy Flag speedo.  He stretches out before his match, letting the viewers drool over his great bod.

This total hunk once told me he didn't really like how his body looks in these photos, because he later became more ripped and muscular.  Damn guy, don't be so picky, I'm sure not.

Here is the stud Bobby down on the mat, getting crushed by some dominant dude's Scissor.

Bobby struggles around, stretching that flag to the limit.  I'm not sure what looks hotter on a jobber: pure white trunks or the old Stars and Stripes!

 "Oh say, can you see..."

Poor Bobby can hardly breath with the other guy's thighs clamped tightly on the sides of his neck, with the guy's bulge right in his face.

Poor Bobby can't take much more of this!  This is jobber bliss, and what a great body!

So guy, do you like all these Headscissors images?  Have I earned that donation yet??  OK, OK, I'll give you some more hot wrestling images...

How about a closer look at this lean hunk's degrading position between the hairy man's legs??  Does this do anything for you?

Suddenly Bobby escapes the Fig 4 trap and locks on a crushing thigh-vise of his own.  He grips his own shin for just a bit more pressure.

The tables are turned on this brute now!  Damn, just look how tightly Bobby has this wrenched on!  He knows what he's doing, and the victim looks like he's paralyzed with pleasure.

Meanwhiel muscular Bobby traps the victim's arm to keep him pinned to the mat.  We get a nice look at that man fur covering this hunk's torso like a plush rug.
Wow, I don't know if I've ever seen a tighter Figure 4!!   He could put this big man out just using his leg clamp.  Grat job by the Captain America stud.