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Gallery 774
Davey Richards vs. A.J. Styles

Have you seen this cute young wrestler named "Davey Richards"?  He's a new sensation on the Indy scene.  He always looks great, but he's totally breath-taking in his white trunks and robe.

He is one handsome stud.  He's like one of those popular, athletic, cocky jocks from high school, who you really wanted to hate, but he's so darn cute, you just had to like him.
Stevie's opponent is the rough, talented, "Phenomenal" A.J. Styles, looking butch in his black leather shorts and vest.  A.J. knows how to punish his opponents, so this may be a painful day for Davey.

As they announce his name and the fans go wild cheering for this cutie, Davey looks a bit nervous to be in the ring with A.J. Styles.  The fans, meanwhile, are excited to watch this young man suffer for them.

Wow.  Davey removes his robe and several fans are rushed to the emergency room with chest pains and shortness of breath.
DING!  DING!!   The match is under way.  Both young jocks are coated in baby oil to highlight their smooth, powerful bodies.

Davey embraces the powerful A.J. Styles, trying to secure a grip on that strong, oiled flesh.  A.J. is easily able to escape the Waist Lock.

These are two proud, strong young lions, eager to rise in the rankings of Professional Wrestling.  Neither man will give an inch, and the tension and heat continues to build.

Styles grabs a leg and throws Davey to the mat, which puts the young stud in a humiliating position, his body on display.  The fans get a good look at the shredded abs on this ripped young stud.

Now A.J. attacks the young man's arm, twisting it in circles as he stares intensely at his suffering opponent.

Davey did not appreciate having his arm twisted out of the socket, and he gets in A.J.'s face to confront him.  He needs to remember that A.J. is larger, more experienced, and could probably break him in half if he felt like it.

The young lion refuses to back down, and the studs stare into each other's eyes.  The fans hold their breath, enjoying this battle for mental domination.  

Wow, the manly stare-down continues and several more fans are rushed to the hospital due to cardiac arrest.  Only inches separate their mouths, yet neither man will back down.

Are they going to rassle, or kiss?  Do they hate each other or love each other?  I guess it's a fine line.
CRACK!!   A.J. breaks up the staring contest by slamming an elbow into Davey's chin.  This will teach the young buck to show some respect for the Phenomenal One.

But Richards can't be tamed that easily.  He clamps on a grinding Headlock, flexing his muscles, and the fans get a nice look at that awesome lightning bolt tattoo on his shoulder.

Now it's A.J.'s turn to learn some respect for his opponent, as Richards increases the pressure and tries to rip his head off.

Next Davey applies an Arm Bar and shows Styles how it feels to have your arm twisted out of the socket.  A.J. drops to his knees and throws his head back, suffering like a champ and really selling the agony of the hold.

Now Davey is getting cocky.  He slaps on a Reverse Figure Four, punishing A.J.'s legs just by standing up and leaning back a little.  A.J. is definitely going to make this show-off suffer later, and the fans can't wait!

You know, we just don't see enough long, punishing Headscissors in wrestling any more!  Sweat glistens on Davey's powerful back as he grips A.J.'s head between his legs and squeeeeeezes.

A.J. cringes in agony, celebrating the power in his opponent's legs by demonstrating his suffering.  It looks like Richards has some long scar on his thigh, maybe from an earlier battle.

The two hotties give the fans several minutes of Headscissor torture.  It's nice to see the modern high-flyers still using some old-school mat wrestling.
A.J. escapes and takes the battle out to the floor, tossing the rookie through the ropes, then following him outside the ring.  Oh no, this is where A.J. can be his most dangerous!

Sure enough, Styles begins to pummel his dazed opponent, tossing him around ringside like a rag doll as the excited fans watch from just a few feet away.

OOOFFF!!!  Now this wrestling match turns into a street brawl.  A.J. drives his boots into Davey's ribs over and over again.  The two stoners in the front row seem to be enjoying this display of brutality and cruelty.

An Atomic Drop against the railing has Richards howling in pain, and the fans pulling out their cameras to capture this beat-down so they can enjoy it again later.

At last the wrestlers get back in the ring where they belong.  Styles follows up with one of his big, soaring, slamming Knee Drops into his stunned victim's belly.  Poor Davey can't take much more of this punishment!

The big bully continues to school his cute young opponent, now slamming an elbow into his twisted shoulder to dislocate it.  I think Davey is starting to regret his cocky antics earlier in the match!
But Richards is not licked yet.  He throws Styles into the ropes, then sends him sailing across the ring in a Back Body Drop.  Wow, what great physiques on both these hunks!

CRACK!!   Davey bitch-slaps A.J. Styles and we see every muscle flexing in his powerful back.  How did we ever get so lucky on the day this stud decided to become a Pro Wrestler??

He flips A.J. over in a stunning German Suplex, and bridges up his hips into a Roll-Up Pin, but A.J. is a crafty veteran of the ring and easily kicks out.

A.J. fights back with some breath-taking Chops to Davey's well-developed chest.  Each chop draws a "Whooooo!" from the fans in honor of Ric Flair, and throws a cloud of sweat off this stud's hard body.

A.J. Styles is a hard-ass, and he gets off on winning.  A.J. isn't about to let this young cutie make a name for himself at his expense, no matter how darn handsome he is.


Styles applies the Torture Rack, trying to snap poor Stevie in two pieces across his shoulders.  It seems most wrestlers beat up Richards, especially when he wears his white gear.

GRRRR!!!   A.J. has no mercy on this young man as he bounces up and down to add pressure.  Meanwhile the fans are again snapping pictures of Davey's humiliating position.
Styles drops him like a ton of bricks, and Davey lies exhausted on the mat like he just finished some wild exertion.  Both wrestlers are coated in sweat, their chests heaving for air.

A.J. tries to dive off the ropes to crush his tired victim, but Davey is not beaten yet!  He catches the high-flyer and drops him across a bent knee to bust his gut.

Wrapping a leg behind his neck, Davey tries to snap it with the dreaded Japanese Leg Lock.  If you like this cool hold, you can see more pictures of it in Gallery 274.

Now it's A.J.'s turn to suffer in a degrading position as the photographers snap plenty of photos.

A.J. is a tough dude and he refuses to submit to this painful Leg Lock.  He sure knows how to suffer -- I'm not sure if he's hotter as a Babyface in Peril, or a Hard-Ass Heel Kicking Ass.

A.J. finally breaks free and regains control of the match with a Pin-Wheel Kick to Davey's cute face.  CRACK!!  That will ugly him up a bit.

Oh no.  The party is over.  Clamping the victim's head between his thighs, A.J. sets him up for his patented finishing move: the dreaded Styles Clash.

Once he inverts the victim into Pile Driver position, A.J. falls forward onto his hands and knees, crushing the other man's face and body under his.
CRUNCH!!  I think I heard some ribs snap when A.J. landed on his trapped victim, flattening him like a pancake.  This usually takes the fight out of A.J.'s opponents.

Sure enough, Richards is unable to kick out and A.J. pins him for the victory.  Both men are exhausted, laying together on the mat as the ref announces A.J. Styles as the winner.

A.J. rises to his feet and gives the fans a look at his bare torso, celebrating his victory with some flexing and strutting around.

Davey Richards, meanwhile, is dripping in sweat and looking defeated and humiliated.  This is how he normally looks after his matches, like a kid whose daddy just gave him a spanking.
Wow, either it's about 100 degrees in this arena, or maybe some fan threw a bucket of water on this stud, because he is soaked.  They better cool it down before some wrestler or fan gets heat exhaustion!