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Gallery 736
Fine Young Cannibals

The Islanders, Tama and Haku, were a pair of brutal savages who liked to wrestle barefoot.  Here they are posing in their bulging tights with their manager, Bobby Heenan.
The Islanders' victims today are those gorgeous Young Stallions, Paul Roma and Jimmy Powers.  Wow, just look at the bodies on these two!  It will be great to watch them suffer.

These two hunks have to be about the hottest pair of muscle jobbers to ever put on matching speedos!  They stand chest to chest as Powers tells his partner some cocky joke.  

Both men begin laughing and flexing, acting like they rule the ring. Somebody needs to humble these two arrogant hotties.  Don't worry, the Islanders will wipe those perfect smiles off their faces!

These two look like a pair of super-heroes.  Their chiseled bodies are works of art.  But even with all that power, the Young Stallions almost never win a match.  They must realize it's more fun to watch them take beating after beating and constantly lose.  WOW, they've got some muscles!

The Stallions flash their winning smiles and clap for each other as their names are announced.  Raising their arms and flexing allows them to show off every muscle and striation.

The Stallions continue to chat about how hot they both look as Tama waves them off like sissies and Haku thinks of what moves he plans to use on their hard bodies.

Wearing their bloodthirsty expressions, these two villains look capable of really hurting their opponents.  Their mouths begin to water as they watch the Stallions posing and flexing.

Tama is proud of his body too, and well he should be.  He climbs the ropes and allows the fans to take a gander at his oiled physique.

The bell sounds and the ref warns the Islanders to obey the rules, but don't worry, I'm sure they won't.

Meanwhile, the gym-rats take one more opportunity to show off their muscles with a hard High-Five.
Whoa, Roma's body is always impressive, but tonight, he is more buff than ever.  His muscles are busting out everywhere like a statue of a Greek god!  He prepares to lock up with Tama, who looks like a hungry beast that smells its next meal.

Roma uses his strength to twist Tama's arm into a Hammer Lock.  Tama must grab the ropes like a big coward to break the hold.
Roma continues to work the arm, twisting around in circles, which is a perfect chance to show off his hard abs and muscular glutes in various poses and positions.

It must be hot in the arena as sweat begins to form on Roma's hard body, mingling with the thick coating of body oil.  This really makes his muscles stand out in those bright stadium lights.

Now Roma gives the fans a view of his biceps as he tries to yank poor Tama's arm out of the socket.  Wow, I can't believe the Stallions are dominating these ruthless Islanders!

Tama must again grab the rope like a pussy to escape the Arm Lock.  He responds to the insults from the crowd as he marvels at Roma's power.

Tama toys with the muscle-man's head, dropping to his knees and begging for mercy.  The fans enjoy dramatic scenes like this, one man pleading for mercy from the other.

OUCH!!  Roma's body is unreal!  Wouldn't it be interesting to let him Bearhug you and see how hard he could squeeze.

Tama has broken a sweat now as he again prepares to lock horns with powerful "Romeo" Roma.  What can Tama do to over-power this muscle-stud?

CRACK!!  As Tama bounces off the ropes, Roma fires off a stunning Drop-Kick to his chin.  Jim Powers watches his high-flying partner ring the Islander's bell with a pair of white boots.

Roma drags his boy-toy over to their corner and makes a tag.  Meanwhile Tama plays around with Roma's mid-section and the bulge in his trunks.

The fans cheer as cute Jimmy Powers bounces into the ring and also clamps on a skull-crushing Head Lock.  With these huge muscles, the Young Stallions can really punish their opponents in Headlocks.
Finally Tama has suffered enough at the hands of the strong young lions.  He slides out of the ring to have a conversation with his barefoot partner.

The two Islanders discuss how to overcome the strength and determination of their red-hot opponents.  In their native language, they are able to make dirty plans without being understood.

Tama again begs for mercy from the Young Stallions.  He pleads with Jimmy Powers to take it easy and stop hurting him.

Now this wimp is asking for a Time-Out!  Doesn't he realize there are no Time-Outs....  oh never mind.

Tama lays on the ropes at Jimmy Powers' mercy.  Powers is eager for this Islander to get up and fight so he can flex some more and show off his body.

Powers waits patiently for his opponent as the fans scream at Tama to get up and fight like a man.  I guess any wrestler would be intimidated by a massive hottie like Jim Powers!
Finally Tama gets off the ropes, and Jimmy clamps on a great Arm Bar, grinding around in his red speedo as he milks on the pressure.

Tama sells the pain of Powers' Armbar, groaning in pain and cringing every time Powers flexes his muscles.

The camera zooms in on handsome Jimmy Powers so we can see the brave determination on this athlete's face and the sweat forming on his huge chest muscles.  Powers is enjoying this rare domination.

Seeing that large bicep and well-defined pecs, the announcer begins talking about how impressive this young man looks and how many hours he must spend in the gym to get a body like that.

Powers is almost absent-minded in his control over Tama.  He casually relaxes and then flexes his muscles, working the pain in the helpless man's trapped arm, flirting with the crowd at the same time.
Tama is able to get to his feet, but the hunk in the red speedo maintains his domination, twisting and yanking the Islander's arm.

The Young Stallions are really impressing this capacity crowd.  Is it possible that these young body-builders are finally going to win a match??

Jimmy holds Tama at his mercy and tags in pretty Paul Roma.   These studs look great, as usual, in their matching red trunks.
The Islanders also make a tag and big Haku, the power-house on his team, takes his time flirting with Jim Powers before locking up with Roma.  Check out the power in Roma's back!

The studs circle each other as the temperature in the arena soars.  They add some red-hot sexual tension to the match as they stand looking each other up and down.

Both men are hesitant to start battling.  I think they're having more fun watching sweat and oil run down each other's heaving chests.
This Haku may be a fierce savage from the Pacific Islands, but he's also a very handsome hunk, in a masculine, confident way.  He offers the other man his hand as a sign of manly respect.

The two hunks shake hands like gentlemen, proving that the Islanders aren't complete animals.  Are these two going to rassle, or just flirt with each other all night??

Wow can Haku resist grappling with this ripped stud?  Wouldn't you clinch up with Roma as quickly as you could??  WOW -- Just look at that body!

Now they're ready for action as they approach each other like two animals in a deadly encounter, both looking for a chance to go for the jugular.

Haku is clearly the stronger Islander. He is able to out-muscle Roma and force him down to the mat.

As Roma enjoys some frottage against the canvas, Haku delivers a fist into his spine.  Roma's beat-down has begun at last!

Roma is in big trouble now!  Haku dumps him in the corner like a bag of coconuts and tags in his cocky partner.  These savages are going to rip this muscle boy to shreds!

What the hell is THIS??  Haku is illegally holding poor Roma so Tama can leap off the ropes and clobber him!!

Tama attacks with his feet, viciously kicking and stomping the pretty-boy's face.  This is humiliating, to have another man's bare foot in your face!

The lazy ref better get over there with the quickness and see if Haku is pulling Roma's hair!  The Islanders tag up again.

Now it's Haku's turn to tap dance all over Roma's body with his bare feet.  These savages are vicious, you gotta love it.

Jimmy Powers foolishly jumps in the ring, which distracts the ref.  Now both Islanders strangle Roma as he kicks his legs around like he's being electrocuted.

Roma is taking a serious ass-kicking from these big Islanders.  A chop to the skull leaves him dazed and humbled.

Haku stands over his fallen victim and swings his hands around to show off his fancy karate moves, then he punches Roma in the face.
This muscle-boy has had enough! He rolls around on the mat, his big muscles not helping him too much now.  Roma's best trait, besides his amazing body and handsome face, was his ability to suffer on the mat.

It's time for another bare foot to the face as Tama stands on Roma's neck and pulls the ropes for leverage.  The stupid ref just stands there watching these dirty tactics.

Tama viciously inserts his fingers into Roma's shoulder at the base of his neck for a punishing Claw Hold.  He's digging into Roma's nerves to paralyze him!

Roma sells the agony, showing the fans his Orgasm face.  Tama continues to stroke and pinch the sensitive nerves deep under his huge trapezius muscles.

Every time Tama works his fingers deeper, Roma changes the pained expression on his face.  It's as if Tama is controlling Roma's facial muscles by pulling and twisting his nerve endings, like a puppet-master controlling a puppet.

The Islander presses his groin in Roma's face to pin him and sexually top him, but the Stallion kicks out on the count of Two.  

Now Haku tags in, and he stalks Roma from behind.  Oh no, please don't tell me he's going to work another nerve pinch on poor helpless Roma!

Sure enough, the savage digs into Roma's flesh, this time on his right shoulder.  Haku looks like he's tearing flesh off some dead carcass he captured so he can eat it.

The agony is too much for poor Roma.  He collapses to the mat, twitching in pain.  His entire body is as stiff as a board, thanks to the Vulcan Death Claw applied by the wild Samoan.

Roma lays at his master's mercy for several minutes, swinging his arm around and kicking his legs like he's having a seizure.

I think working out to grow his huge shoulder muscles has also made the nerves in his neck larger and more sensitive.  Therefore, this hold is even more painful on Roma because of his size.

The blatant double-teaming continues as the two savages throw out the rule-book and the ref looks the other way.  Roma is finished!

Haku stands over his defeated opponent in a cocky pose of domination.  He kicks Roma with his bare foot and orders him to get up.

Roma can't take much more. He looks up at his Master like a whipped dog, and begs for mercy.  Haku ignores him and yanks him up by the hair.

Tama embraces the stud in their corner so Haku can kick him square in the nose.  Once again, Roma accepts that nasty bare foot right in his face as the ref watches and says nothing.

Haku is getting cocky now, dragging Roma around by the hair like a doggie on a leash.  Roma has been beaten into willing submission.

After a kick to the head, Roma lies beaten at the Islander's feet.  Haku places his bare foot right in Roma's face so Roma can kiss it in submission.  Powers is desperate to tag!

It's back to the far corner for Roma, where he gets about five belly-kicks and pec-chops.  These animals are just dissecting the stud!

Again hot-head Jimmy Powers rushes to help his partner, but the ref cuts him off.  Meanwhile, the Islanders cut off Roma's air supply by choking him.

The crowd goes wild when the Stallions reach for a tag, but Tama keeps Roma just out of arm's reach.

Finally, Roma is able to escape from the savages and dive across the ring to tag in Jimmy Powers.  The crowd erupts as Powers storms the ring like a house on fire.

Soon Jim Powers is also subdued by the savage Islanders.  Here he is restrained on the ropes by Haku, his perfect body just begging to be punished.

Powers looks great twisting around under Haku's control.  How can he defend himself with his arms locked over the ropes and held back?!?

OOOFFF!   Tama attacks that exposed flesh, throwing some fists and slaps into that rock-hard body to soften it up.  Powers is helpless here, where the hell is the ref??

Tama continues to pulverize Jimmy's body as Haku calmly restrains their boy-toy.  Powers looks like a super-hero who has lost his strength.

UUGGGHHH!!    Another big fist to the gut leaves the body-builder gasping for air.  

Now it's Roma's turn to distract the ref as the dirty Islanders get savage on their victim.  Haku breaks Jimmy's back over his knee and leaves him on the mat for Tama to jump on him.

Just like Jimi Snuka, Tama leaps off the top rope and crashes down chest-to-chest on his helpless victim.  All the air is driven from Powers' body as he is flattened by the cruel Islander.

Tama easily pins his limp victim chest to chest.  Jimmy Powers is out cold, like he just got run over by a bus.

Powers doesn't resist as the Islander rolls him into position, pressing him down in a cross-body.  This match is over!
The ref counts to three as Tama squats over the stud in a very sexual pinning position.  He pushes his hand on the stud's chest to demonstrate his domination.

Tama is all smiles as he struts around the ring celebrating his victory.  He must feel like the Cock of the Walk after defeating and degrading those powerful body-builders!

Powers is gasping for air, trying to recover from that deadly Splash.  He's been completely humbled!  The Islanders stand over him, raising their arms in a cocky pose of victory while the cameras start flashing.

The Islanders enjoy a tight embrace as they rub their sweaty bodies together.  This is a very intimate scene for bad-asses like these savages, to hug each other cheek to cheek.

Powers, meanwhile, is humiliated and in agony as Roma helps him up.  Powers circles an arm around his partner's waist and they enjoy each other's muscular builds.

Poor Jimmy has been hurt.  He cringes in pain and reacts to the injury the savage inflicted.  Roma presses warmly against his suffering partner and whispers softly in his ear.

Jimmy's hand explores his partner's red speedo as the two men sword-fight in their matching red trunks.
Roma enjoys the feeling of his partner's strength pressed against his chest.  He hugs his partner and pulls him closer so their bodies will be touching in several sensitive areas.

The hunks are clearly into each other, and who could blame them.  Their body-contact lasts for several minues as fans all around the world match and exceed the bulging in those red trunks.