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Gallery 720
Triple Knots

You gotta love Tag Teams who invent creative 2-on-1 holds to punish one of their opponents.  It's really impressive to see all 12 of their limbs tied in knots as the victim howls in pain.  

Is this wrestler tapping out because the standing opponent is winding his foot around like an old alarm clock, or because the seated opponent is about to disconnect his head from his shoulders?
These hunks are having a race to see who can break one of the victim's limbs first.   He's either about to lose an ankle or an arm if he doesn't submit quickly.

I'm not sure if these masked brutes are embracing the shirtless dude as a friend, or trying to twist both his arms out of their sockets.

Wow, hot pro-style gear on all these studs!  The masked men decided to work together to humiliate the larger man in the black and blue speedo.

Now one masked stud squats on his head, pressing his face into the mat.  The other hottie sits on his back and punishes his crossed legs.

The boys in blue continue the two-on-one wrestling lesson.  They lay the big man on his neck and each grab a wrist to stretch his arms out longer.

From Bulldog Wrestling, Turbo vs. Dare, Battling Bulldogs 11
Masked Tag Teams are usually famous for their punishing Double-Team holds.  Here are two villains in eagle masks trying to break both arms of this helpless young hottie.

Using a popular Mexican wrestling hold, these masked studs lay on their backs and hold their victim above them.  According to the caption:

Kato Kung Lee enters opportunely to rescue Super Astro.

Besides punishing his shoulders and arms, these bullies are also trying to humble and degrade the masked victim by forcing him to bend over and beg for mercy.

Wearing his red speedo, Marek Brave prepares to wrestle these two studs in a three-way dance:  handsome Davey Richards in the square-cuts and Kurt Sterling in the long tights.

From Cyberfights, Marek Brave vs. Davey Richards vs. Kurt Sterling, #101 New Breed

The boys in blue each grab a leg and split the long-haired victim wide apart.  Marek should have noticed his opponents were wearing matching gear, so they would naturally work together!

Luckily for Marek, the two studs in control begin to fight for Alpha Male status, grappling with each other while maintaining their hold on the stud in the red speedo.

Finally Marek breaks free and convinces Kurt to turn against pretty-boy Davey.  They apply a Chinlock-Boston Combo and grind a submission out of their boy-toy.

From Cyberfights, Marek Brave vs. Davey Richards vs. Kurt Sterling, #101 New Breed

Whoa, check out this big hunk in the black bikini, twisting the masked-man's arm in circles while his sadistic partner smiles and does the same.  
Yet another pair of masked men in full body suits degrade their shirtless victim.  They cross his arms while splitting his crotch apart, planting their nasty boots in his face for leverage.

Wow, the great Bazotter never disappoints!  Here is another incredible image from his Yahoo Group, featuring some hairy brutes tying some stud in knots.  He seems to be enjoying the pain!

Of course no gallery of Two-On-One Holds would be complete without the awesome Camel-Boston hold.  Here are two wrestlers trying to break the kid wearing red running-pants into two pieces.

When this hunk trapped his masked opponent in a nice Surfboard, his partner couldn't resist the urge to join in the fun.  The man in black tights seems to be hugging the masked man and possible biting him on the forehead!  This is ridiculous, I think the ref is standing their watching their dirty tactics!

This white pretty-boy was a fool to climb in the ring with these gang-bangers.  They throw out the rule-book and work together to beat down the white wimp.

Another pair of gangsters lift up the white pretty-boy and break him in two pieces.  This scene seems to ignite the racist fans:  a pair of minority wrestlers cheating to destroy the handsome white hero.  
Now two Latino hunks are trying to crack the back of their helpless black victim.  One pulls back on his ankles while the other lifts his chin and trash-talks in his ear.

How many of you would like to tangle with Damon, the hairy-chested brother in the laced-up bikini? I'd say this cocky brother could really use a good beating!
Here are two white kids -- Jonah and Jeremy -- taming their black opponent with a pair of scissors.  One crushes poor Damon around the waist while the other pinches his neck between his thighs.

Poor Damon can't get a breath as his white masters continue to milk the air out of his body.  Jeremy crushes his belly so he can't draw air, while Jonah smothers him in his crotch.

From BG East, Jonah Richards and Jeremy Burk vs. Damon Clark, Tag Team Torture 7

This is a very humiliating position for Damon, to be held captive in Jeremy's scissor-vise, while Jonah presses his junk in Damon's trapped face!
Now that their play-toy is exhausted and helpless, the bullies decide to Draw and Quarter him.  They each grab a wrist and an ankle and play some Tug-O-War.

It almost looks like 2 Tarzans beating up one helpless Native.  The arrogant whites continue to punish their black captive.

From BG East, Jonah Richards and Jeremy Burk vs. Damon Clark, Tag Team Torture 7

Now they grab the opposite wrists and criss-cross their legs.  They're playing Teeter-Totter on poor Damon's back, rocking, grinding, and humping to torture his shoulders and back!

As they continue rocking back-and-forth, Damon begs for mercy.  But the white studs are laughing too loud to hear his pleas.

Now it's Jeremy's turn to press his crotch in Damon's face.  Damon can do nothing to prevent this humiliation, since Jonah has trapped his wrists.

OK, so you cheaters have beaten a man two against one, big deal!  Now why continue to embarass him like this, rubbing his face in your groin?? This is so crude and unnecessary!

These thugs won't stop until they've completely mastered their hairy hunk!  Jonah works on Damon's lower belly while Jeremy continues to smother the strong brother in his crotch.

From BG East, Jonah Richards and Jeremy Burk vs. Damon Clark, Tag Team Torture 7